Cooperation between Xindi Energy Engineering and Jinan Energy Engineering Group Jointly start a new chapter in innovation and cooperation

01 July 2021 Source: Browse volume:

On May 11, Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xindi Energy Engineering") and Jinan Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinan Energy Engineering Group") signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Jinan. Cooperate in many fields such as engineering, pipe corridor crossing engineering, municipal thermal engineering, distributed energy, energy saving and environmental protection, planning and design, digital delivery and network design platform etc., to efficiently aggregate the advantageous resources of both parties and jointly promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Zheng WenPing Executive Vice President of ENN and chief operator of Intelligent Construction Group, visited Jinan Energy Group and had discussions with Jinan Energy Group Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Li Mian, and Jinan Energy Engineering Group Deputy Secretary and General Manager Shang HongTao , The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on each other’s strategic planning, business advantages and future cooperation.

At the meeting, Li Mian, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Jinan Energy Group, expressed a warm welcome to Zheng WenPing and his entourage, and gave a detailed introduction about the development of Jinan Energy Group and the business, characteristics and advantages of Jinan Energy Engineering Group. Li Mian expressed that in the future cooperation, he hopes that both parties will give full play to each other's business advantages, strengthen the sharing of resources, information, technology as well as the market, and push the cooperative business to a whole new level.

Zheng, WenPing Executive Vice President of ENN and chief operator of Intelligent Construction Group, introduced in detail the advantageous businesses, development strategies and digital transformation practices of ENN and Xindi Energy Engineering, and explained the planning, design and digital delivery of Xindi Energy Engineering. , Labor resource platform, network design platform and other aspects of the layout and advantages. Zheng WenPing said that Jinan Energy Engineering Group is an excellent enterprise, and Xindi Energy Engineering is willing to work with Jinan Energy Engineering Group to create a healthy, all-round and sustainable ecological partnership and establish long-term and stable comprehensive strategic cooperation. Zheng Wenping suggested that the two parties set up joint project departments in specific business areas and specific projects as soon as possible, establish mutual visits and exchange mechanisms, strengthen exchanges of high-quality projects, jointly carry out subject research, and conduct external market with strong alliance.

Mr. Shang HongTao, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Jinan Energy Engineering Group, said that Jinan Energy Engineering Group is now in a critical period of industrial restructuring, upgrading and supply-side structural reform. It is very important,also our top priorityto accelerate the development of the external market and establish a harmonious and win-win cooperative relationship. The strategic cooperation between Jinan Energy Engineering Group and Xindi Energy Engineering will further realize the scientific, refined, and precise market development. It will lead to a new chapter in business development.

In the future, Xindi Energy Engineering will rely on ENN's full-scenario business advantages to continuously expand the areas of cooperation between the two parties, deepen contents of cooperation, exchange cooperation information to achieve win-win cooperation.

About Jinan Energy Engineering GroupJinan Energy Engineering Group is affiliated to Jinan Energy Group and is a large-scale state-owned construction enterprise. It is mainly engaged in integrated services such as technology research, development, design consulting, construction, project management and general contracting in the fields of energy engineering, municipal engineering, highway engineering and construction engineering. business.