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ENN NG runs China’s first large scale private LNG receiving terminal, Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal which has three functional terminals. The receiving terminal integrates various services and functions including receiving and discharging storage, outbound transmission of gas and LNG,  distribution & transfer, vessel refilling, trans-shipment, and peak-shaving. The vessel refilling function is the first of its kind in domestic LNG receiving terminals. It can provide LNG refilling service for international and domestic vessels. With Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal as the fulcrum, ENN NG has formed a maritime resource import channel covering North China, East China, and South China, connecting  international resource and  domestic market.

The first phase of Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal was put into operation in October 2018, with an annual processing capacity of over 3 million tonnes annually. The second phase of the expansion project has been put into operation in June 2021, and the actual processing capacity can reach 7.5 million tonnes per year. In the long run,  the processing capacity is expected to exceed 10 million tonnes annually.

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