Natural gas mid-stream solutions

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ENN NG continues to improve its resource acquisition capability to provide clients with stable natural gas supply. ENN NG established strategic cooperation with PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, and obtained unconventional gas sources including coalbed and shale gas in a diversified mode. Alternatively, ENN NG has expanded more than 60 international resource providers such as Total Energy, Chevron, etc. to build a competitive global resource pool. 


Alone with the opportunity of natural gas market reform, ENN NG has gradually built up a natural gas delivery and reserve network nationwide. With 72,800 km of natural gas medium and high-pressure pipelines in operation, ENN NG’s pipeline transportation capacity covers major markets in China, daily transportation capacity reached 2.5 million cubic meters and operates more than 1200 LNG tankers, the annual LNG distribution capacity is over 10 billion cubic meters. Additionally, ENN NG has built multi-level reserve network of underground gas storage tank, receiving terminals, city gas storage tanks, etc., the deployable storage capacity has reached 600 million cubic meters.