Community Fund and
Donation to Charity

ENN has long insisted on sharing development benefits with the society, encouraging all employees to actively contribute to the society, carry out targeted poverty alleviation, enthusiastic public donations, organize employees to participate in voluntary services, and earnestly practice care and responsibility. Business to society.

Actively undertaking social responsibilities is the gene and base for survival of ENN enterprises. We perform social responsibilities by combining enterprise strategy and national strategy; the mission of performing social responsibilities is to create beautiful ecology and continuously make energy innovation, while the power is to feed fortune to people and society.

Chairman of ENN EC: Mr. Wang Yusuo

Targeted poverty alleviation

ENN actively responds to the spirits of central government poverty alleviation development working conference; comprehensively knows important role of targeted poverty alleviation in building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way; closely follows requirements of each level of government for poverty-alleviation development; guarantees the poverty alleviation target is implemented through targeted poverty alleviation in multiple ways.

  • Support object: In accordance with the requirements in “One Thousand Enterprises Help One Thousand Villages” Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Hebei Province, ENN EC confirms five support objects including Luotuoyu Village and Niugang Village in Yixian County, Baoding, and Shangwopu Village, Nanwopu Village and Shuajiancaogou Village in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City.
  • Working policy Start from solution of actual problems and stick to the principle of “being practical and realistic”; pay attention to long-acting effect of supporting measures combining long-term and short-term situations; realize win-win cooperation of support objects and ENN industrial development starting from local situations and considering from overall aspects.

Volunteer services

In the report term, ENN owns 137 volunteers who have provided 60 times volunteer services and participated in service for 238hours