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The company has multiple class A qualifications including design in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, the municipal industry (gas and thermal engineering), pipeline transmission in oil and gas industry, as well as a number of first-class qualifications in general construction contracting, and it has constructed a technology-driven RDEPMC integrated business chain. At present, the company has built three LNG receiving terminals, more than 10 LNG liquefaction plants and laid over 8,000 kilometers of medium & high pressure pipelines domestic and abroad. In the meantime, ENN owns 14 patented hydrogen production technologies and 32 hydrogen production projects under construction and delivered, it is actively pursuing the competitive superiority. ENN has already formed a model of “technology + core equipment / system integration / solutions”, constructed a technology-driven RDEPMC integrated business chain, and capable of undertaking independent business such as technology research,  development, consulting, system design, equipment integration, project management (conventional, integrated, crossing) etc.