Joint Sponsoring the Third China LNG Development Forum by ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

29 June 2021 Source: Browse volume:
The third China LNG Development Forum and Bohai Rim LNG Summit Forum with the theme of "High Quality Energy Integration, Farsighted Technology Development" was held in Langfang, Hebei Province from April 14 to 16. More than 400 representatives from government departments, domestic and foreign leading enterprises attended the forum. On the strategic background of energy revolution and “peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality” goals, attendees discussed the trends, hot topics and difficulties in China natural gas industry. As the joint sponsor of the Forum, ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd. ("ENN", in short 600803. SH) organized and participated in the Forum.

Key leaders including An, RongHu, Deputy Director of Hebei Energy Administration, Jia,YongQing Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of the Langfang Municipal Party Committee, Wang,YuSuo Chairman of the Board of ENN Group,Yu, JianChao Co-CEO of ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd., Zheng, HongTao, CEO of ENN Natural Gas Co., Ltd., and Zhang, YuYing  CEO of ENN Energy were invited to the Forum and delivered speeches.

Chairman Wang, YuSuo said in his opening speech that the forum was held at the right time and was of historic significance to the industry. Under the new situation of deepening the reform of national natural gas market and "peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality" target strategy, the natural gas industry has undergone great changes. How to make concerted efforts to research and develop new technologies, promote the digital transformation of the industry, and achieve high-quality integrated energy development is an important task for the energy industry. This Forum brings industry experts together and hopes to open a new chapter in collaborative innovation and lead the natural gas industry onto a new path of transformation and upgrading. ENN is actively exploring the establishment of an intelligent Internet of Things platform for the natural gas industry, hoping that experts and industry partners present at the conference will conduct guidance and review so that they can contribute to the development of the industry in the future.

Zheng, HongTao gave a keynote speech at the forum with the theme of "Co-Creating & building Natural Gas Digital Intelligence Ecosystem". He delivered a wonderful explanation on the causes, trends, model paths of co-creating a natural gas digital intelligence ecosystem, and shared ENN's experiences of specific practices. He said that ENN is willing to work with industry partners to build an industrial intelligence platform and a natural gas digital intelligence ecosystem, promote the optimization and matching of all elements of the natural gas industry, to ensure the stability of the industry supply chain, a more healthy and sustainable development in the future, to make positive contribution to the realization of national “peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality“ goal.

Subsequently, with the theme "High-quality natural gas development trends in the context of carbon neutrality", Zhang, YuYing gave a detailed introduction about ENN's innovative practices from customer's demand aspect at the roundtable forum, and expressed his views on the future development of international LNG industry.
In the roundtable session with the theme of "Exploring the Relevant Impacts of LNG in China and International Markets", Zheng, HongTao suggested, partners in the industry should pay full attention to changes in the international and domestic markets, form short-term resource pool, and call on the industry-wide promotion of the formation of China natural gas price index.

During the forum, with the theme of "Co-building China LNG Transaction Delivery Platform" Hou, ShouQiang, general manager of Haomaiqi E-commerce Co., Ltd., shared the innovative practice of focusing on problems during transaction.

Following the award ceremony and reception dinner for the Young Engineers Thesis Competition, Yu, JianChao delivered a speech on behalf of ENN. He said that he was very honored to be the co-sponsor of the forum to participate in this grand event. The successful convening of this forum provided a valuable platform for industry partners to discuss industry development trends, learn from each other's experience, and promote win-win cooperation, it scored great successes and contributed the wisdom and power for promoting the innovation and development of LNG industry in China. The meaning of this forum is significant.

Yu, JianChao mentioned at the end, that ENN is committed to becoming an intelligent ecological operator in the natural gas industry, and is willing to work with partners in various industries to enhance exchanges and mutual trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation, achieve ecological win-win development, and create a better future for the industry.

On April 16, the participants also visited the ENN Group Experience Center, ENN Power, ENN Intelligence Learning Laboratory, and Silk Road International Art Center.

The China LNG Development Forum is held once a year and covers all aspects of the LNG industry chain. It is a professional and influential forum in China LNG industry. This forum (CLNG2021) is co-sponsored by the Liquefied Natural Gas Branch of China Industrial Gas Association, Gas Branch of China Civil Engineering Society and China City Gas Association. Guo, JiaoFeng, researcher of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy, Development Research Center of the State Council, Li, YaLan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Gas Group Co., Ltd., Zhu, JianYing, Senior Vice President of Hong Kong and China Group, Ye, GuoBiao, Chairman of Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange, Wu, Yue, BP China Natural Gas President, Denis Bonhomme, Total China LNG Vice President, and other domestic and foreign experts and business representatives attended the meeting.