ENN Energy holds 2021 annual shareholder meeting

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On May 10, marking the 20th anniversary of its listing, ENN Energy held its annual shareholder meeting by combining on-site attendance and remote video conference.

The scene of the annual shareholder meeting

Chairman Wang, YuSuo, Vice Chairman Zheng, HongTao, Executive Director and President Zhang, YuYing, Executive Director Wang, DongZhi, Non-executive Directors Wang, ZiZheng and Jin, YongSheng, Independent Non-executive Directors Ruan, BaoGuang, Luo, YiKun, and Yan, YuYu attended the Langfang venue, Hong Kong venue attended online remotely. ENN auditors, legal and compliance consultants also participated in this meeting.

Speech by Wang, YuSuo

In his speech, Wang Yusuo expressed his sincere gratitude to customers, shareholders, governments at all levels, business partners of the company, and friends from all walks of life who have offered help during company’s growth. He said that in the past 20 years, ENN Energy has developed from serving 4 small and medium-sized cities to providing gas services to more than 230 cities today; from providing customers with a single natural gas product to providing customers with gas, electricity, cooling, heat, energy ubiquitous services; from system-based human governance management to the use of digital technology to solidify rules and systems, form digital intelligence products and empower business partners, a series of achievements are inseparable from the long-term trust and trust of all parties.Wang, YuSuo emphasized that in the context of “Peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality”, and China’s natural gas market reform, ENN Energy has a clearer view of its development goals and responsibilities in the field of clean energy, and is confident to better provide customers with personalized energy services and natural gas supply, confidence to better provide customers with universal energy services and improve system energy efficiency.

Wang, YuSuo said that ENN Energy has more than 20 years of industry experience and methods, and is valuable asset in creating digital intelligence products in the current era of vigorous development of digital intelligence technology, which will effectively support ENN Energy efficient development and empower small, and medium-sized enterprises. Facing the new journey, ENN Energy will continue to explore, innovate, and continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of “cut paths through the mountains and build bridges across the rivers”,creating greater value for customers, creating satisfactory returns for shareholders, sharing more with partners, and make great contributions to the society.

Since the national “Peak carbon emissions & carbon neutrality” target was proposed, based on ENN Energy’s 20 years of innovative practice and experience, it has not only proposed the company's own emission reduction target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, while integrating natural gas and regeneration, it also provides customers with a variety of energy sources such as steam, cold, heat, and electricity, which improves energy efficiency for users, reduces overall energy bills, and effectively achieves carbon emissions reduction.It is reported that the comprehensive energy solution provided by ENN Energy in the first quarter successfully reduced energy consumption by more than 396,887 tons of standard coal for customers, reduced 1,265,151 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, effectively promoted the energy transition in the region and improved social and environmental benefits.

Zhang, YuYing introduce business updates

Zhang, YuYing introduced the company’s business updates to shareholders and said that the current macroeconomic development momentum is good, the scale of gas volume increased rapidly in the first quarter, and the number of new user engineering installations surged, and continued to provide customers with low-carbon, zero-carbon ubiquitous energy solutions; Actively start with diversified needs, precision marketing, and expand the scale of value-added business; continue to implement specific paths to reduce emissions and help customers reduce emissions, and continue to improve in ESG aspects; actively promote the integration of digital intelligence technology and the energy industry, and develop and apply customer awareness, Hui Energy, Engineering Digitalization, Intelligent Pipeline Network Dispatching, Thermal Power Hosting, Photovoltaic Communication and other products.Speaking of future development, Zhang Yuying said that the company will take customer needs as the starting point, rely on digital intelligence technology, actively promote the use of natural gas, vigorously develop ubiquitous energy business, and realize the company's sustainable development.At the meeting, shareholders actively participated in interactive exchanges in response to issues such as ubiquitous energy business, retail gas growth, gas source diversification, and digital intelligence product research and development under the dual-carbon goal, and the atmosphere of the venue was warm.Meeting reviewed and passed all the resolutions.The conference also played videos from directors, employees, customers, analysts and other parties. In the video, everyone expressed their best wishes for the company's development from different angles.

China Classification Society issued “Carbon Neutrality” certificate at the meeting

Different from the previous general meeting of shareholders, ENN Energy calculated the relevant carbon emissions of this meeting in detail, and purchased the corresponding National Certified Voluntary Emission Reduction (CCER) credits, realizing the carbon neutrality of this annual general meeting.According to Liu, JianFeng, the chief financial officer of ENN Energy, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of listing, with the employee adoption method, planting 2688 seedlings in the core area of the Xiongan Green Expo Park, building the "ENN Evergreen Forest", taking practical actions to fulfill the social responsibility of green development.

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